Open Space

GSL provide an outstanding range of open space services, with a full range of mowing services, hydro seeding, landscape, construction, sports turf, spraying and plant pest control options available.

Commercial Grounds Maintenance


GSL provide a full range of commercial grounds maintenance services for individuals, companies, local and central government.

Let us care for, renovate and enhance your environment.

Full Range of Mowing Services


GSL provides a full range of mowing services for individual clients, companies, local and central government. We have a large range of mowers capable of handling a diverse range of mowing requirements.



GSL is a commercial operation when it comes to hydroseeding. We have specialised equipment and highly experienced staff with an outstanding knowledge of turf and grass. With our specialised equipment, experience and knowledge, we can take on nearly any project and deliver a quality product every time.

Landscape Construction


GSL can offer a wide range of commercial landscaping construction services from concept through to completion. We do hard and soft landscaping, including building construction for specialised projects, playgrounds, rock features, waterway enhancement, planting and specialised landscape works.

We can transform existing environments or create new areas that bring together functionality with visual appeal. We pride ourselves in our ability to customise our services to meet the needs of each and every client.

Sports Turf


GSL has completed many major sports fields within Canterbury and believe we are the experts in this area. GSL was involved in the making of the old AMI Stadium sportsfields, Hagley Oval for NZ Cricket and many other major sporting organisations. GSL has specialised equipment for this work and are highly experienced and qualified in this field.


Our portfolio speaks for itself.

Spraying and Plant Pest Control


GSL provides a full range of spraying and plant pest control services.


Our highly trained staff and state of the art machinery combine to provide solutions for individuals, companies, local and central government.